#FBF: The Glitters

All of the following fans came from the same scene and only one actually every crossed over. The Wedded One came into my Backstreet Boys filled world, but today is not about her again. Oh no, this is about a group of gals who embody the greatness that comes with teeny bopper fandom; The Glitters. The first time I ever saw them was when I went to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the first time on my own. Nick Carter was there promoting that horrendous reality show he had with his siblings. Meeting him aside, there was a girl there I would never forget. Draped in an all-white ensemble adorned with ironed on photos of the Boys, the ones on her shirt outlined in glitter – only that was topped by her Air Force Ones that were airbrushed in black and blue to read “Backstreet Boys.” It was quite the site, and over the years I learned that outfit wasn’t a one time thing, or that she rolled alone.

Oh no, the girl who’d later be dubbed “Queen Glitter” had friends who also rocked shimmering tees. Of course they were not the queen because theirs were not as eye catching as their leader’s. So anyways, she had a crew and they were amazing. While some fans who liked certain bands could be catty and demented, these girls seemed pretty normal and nice – despite being grown adults in glitter. They never threw shade filled looks when you asked a question and always had a smile for you. Even today, they still have smiles to aim towards me. I doubt they remember me, but holy hell – I’ll never forget them.

Perhaps that’s because they continued to keep that 12-year-old mentality alive and well. Growing up is never the easiest thing, so it’s nice to have those one or two things in life that make us revert back to the days where responsibilities were all about homework and remembering to vote for TRL instead of paying rent. Sadly though, The Glitters have abandoned those shiny outfits but thankfully they have not lost their love for their adolescent loves. They’re still at the shows, and often times they are in front, per usual. Whether or not they are decked out in their signature outfits, they’ll always be shiny, happy memories in my head.

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