Traveling Sound with Terence Jack

Having taken summer trips with in his family’s camper to various sites, Terence Jack got an early taste of what it was like to live on the road. That’s why it seems to come easy to the indie rock artist who calls Vancouver home. He’s toured throughout Canada and Southeast Asia, and will soon step foot in the US. We talked about that, his latest single “Errors” and more in this explorative exchange.

Kendra: You toured Canada by train. How was that experience compared to anything you’ve done sense? Think anything will ever top that, or is that a top story you’ll tell your grandkids one day?

Terence Jack: The train tour was great. VIA rail puts it on for artists to come on board and play their way across the country. I love trains and it was by far the best way to get across the country in my opinion. The drive is to be done once, and flying to see a certain perspective, but by train, you can sit and watch and feel like you’re in some time-slip. My train tour was in October, which is a beautiful time to go through the Rockies and plains for all the colours.

I hope to have all sorts of stories for the grandkids. I usually don’t tell stories all that often these days, so perhaps they’ll all come spilling out with the grandkids.

Kendra: We’re definitely going to get back to your adventures but let’s talk about your upcoming record, Never Get Back. First off, what’s one thing in life you truly believe that once it’s gone, that’s it?

Terence: Innocence I would say. Experiencing life you come across some ugliness in people and learn about life and death and about ourselves.

Kendra: Now more on the musical side of things, did you pen that while in planes, trains and automobiles? What I’m trying to ask is are there themes of wandering the world we’ll hear in there? Perhaps influences from cultures you came across?

Terence: I tend to write most often while on the road, then hone in on the ideas more in the studio and you can use technology to really dissect things to where they feel the best. I’ve have countless notebooks of shaky train scribbles.

Kendra: When your single, “Errors,” started to come together – what came first the lyrics or the music?

Terence: The music came first on “Errors,” jamming with an old friend that I grew up with. In the studio is where the lyrics sprouted.

Kendra: Is that often how your songs start to take shape?

Terence: No, usually I have lyrical ideas more hashed out first, but come to think of it I think nowadays I’m enjoying writing more using recording, to set mood of the song, and see what comes out of those sounds in my imagination.

Kendra: What’s up with you for the rest of the year, taking a break?

Terence: No rest for the wicked. I am talking with a few producers in town and writing for the next record. I’m also planning a USA solo tour, and more touring this winter. I’m working on building the team at the moment and thinking of management and working with an agent.

Kendra: Of course we have to go back to your travel bug. If you had to make a mixtape for a friend who was about to embark on a cross country train trip, what five songs would have to be on it?

Friends” – Francis and the Lights feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West
Come on Up to the House” – Tom Waits
00000 Million” – Bon Iver
Crawling Back to You” – Tom Petty
Brother” – Matt Corby


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