Absolute Boyfriend: Abs Boy

Many apologies for letting this album reside in my inbox without even offering it a refreshment, because while the music didn’t spark something in me – the lyrics sure as hell did. Absolute Boyfriend, you have created a space for like minded adults everywhere who are failing at this whole “grown up” thing with Abs Boy – and I applaud you for that.

The idea of what it means to be an adult is something I’ve been tackling over on Exploring Adulthood all year long. Because of that, music – rather lyrics – that touch upon this often perk my interest. So while the music fits the bill for those into indie pop, or that whole bedroom DIY style – what I’d like to focus on are the lyrics at hand because they are a beautiful breakdown of what it means to be riding the struggle bus from your stop as a teenager with dreams to an adult with nothing but confusion.

The first time around when the words came through like a stranger, I thought nothing much of “Grown-Up Boy.” Then another play through, reading the lyrics along with the sounds escaping the speakers – I jotted down, “this is a movement.” Songs about not getting the girl, and whatnot – those don’t really stick as much when you’re nearing 30. Songs like this do though because your 20’s, now that’s a rough patch and lines like “I’m at a disadvantage, too arrogant to manage my life.” showcase just that. From not knowing to the idea of growing apart in “Places We Love” to the cycle of repetition that leads to nowhere in “Bowl Cut,” all were these coming of age at an older age tales that I’m sure people like me could relate to.

Six months from now I’ll be 30 and I’m still trying to figure shit out on various levels. My love life’s fine, and my career has barely hit “entry level” on some scales. So to hear a record like this, it’s calming. So whether or not you’re a fan of that DIY bedroom pop sound , that sort of music I’m sure Dawn Weiner from Welcome to the Dollhouse would’ve grown up to make, I advise Absolute Boyfriend’s Abs Boy for any 20-something riding that struggle bus for whatever reason.

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