Future States: Casual Listener

Recorded in a church, this song has a spirit to it. Not the kind you’d think though. Void of gospel intuitions, Future States’ Casual Listener plays like something out of record store in the 60’s. With a psychedelic undertone, it’s the airy pop that gives this album movement as you stroll from one track to the next.

When it comes to bringing that free love spirit to the table, “Apostolic” had the tupperware full and ready to go. Mirroring a lighthearted pop band with something up their sleeve to make that trippy vibe alive and well. Speaking of, there was something a little odd about “Lulu” as a whole that I couldn’t get into, but that wasn’t the case with “You Got It All Wrong.” A favorite for sure, it’s the one I’d recommend if you’re into throwback sounds but if you’re looking for more of a modern sound, try out “Violencia.”

While you won’t find any gospel hues on this album recorded over two weeks in a church in Northern Ontario, you will get some psychedelic music laced with pop melodies a la the 60’s with a modern indie turn of events at time. If that sounds like a great time to you, check out Future States’ Casual Listener, out October 28 on Portland label Golden Brown. Also, while they just wrapped up a string of dates yesterday, they’ll be back on the road at the start of November.


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