#FBF: The Wedded One

While the fan last week actually admitted she was crazy, this week we’re dealing with one that takes that idea to a whole other level. Now I love me a good ol’ fashioned fan girl. What’s not to love about someone who is so in love with a famous face that they’d do anything to be with them? Typically though these fans grow out of the delusional phase of their fandom at a certain age…It’s cool to always love something, but to be down right cookoo about it? That ain’t right. With that, there is a fan I’ve come across whom I will never forget because her delusions still make me laugh to this day. Let’s just say she legit believed she was dating a member of Fall Out Boy…

I repeat, she legit thought she was dating Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Me and my friends spent an odd New Year’s Eve watching this girl “talk” and “lose signal” with Pete all night. What was even weirder than her, was that her friends seemed to believe her and oh yeah, he bestie was dating Patrick. Over the years this girl’s story has gotten even more extreme. From Panic! at the Disco to All Time Low, the stories were more unbelievable than the last but wow, just wow. You stand in line listening, or you overhear and you cannot believe someone old enough to remember TRL would act like that past roughly 2004.

Fans like this make standing in line and going to shows both entertaining and a major pain. You want to hear their stories to see how the mind of a delusional human works, but at the same time you hate watching someone who is like 30-years-old live in La La Land. There’s having a crush on a famous face and honestly believing you were meant to be. One is as normal as a sunset, and the other could land you in an insane asylum. Of course this is only when you reach a particular age. I think it’s fine as fuck to believe you’ll marry Brendon Urie when you’re 15 but 28? Hmm, you may need to readjust your sanity.

To this day this fan remains high on an unforgettable list because any time someone acts that cookoo for Cocoa Puffs, she (and some others) come to mind but she’s definitely high on the list.


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