‘Broad City’ Original Soundtrack

Sometimes people forget music is as important to a television show as the setting or even the characters. NBC did a grand job with Parenthood and shows like Atlanta on FX continue to do so, but we’re here to talk about the soundtrack for one of the funniest shows in constant play in my home, Broad City. YASSS Queen, the music that surrounds the lives of Abbi and Ilana as they deal with jobs that suck, love, lust, family and everything else in the human experience with New York as their backdrop and a soundtrack that includes everything from vibrancy to swag – basically everything we’re used to when we watch the show comes rolled into one on the executive produced soundtrack by Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer, and Matt FX.

Opening with the intro that fans have become familiar with, the soundtrack also caps the album with the extended version of DJ Raff’s “Latino & Proud” as well. At least we won’t go years thinking that little part was the only part of the song. I mean, how long until you knew there was more to that Fresh Prince song? What I loved about this record was that it not only represented the show, but the city of New York. You had a variety of neighborhoods in the mix. Speaking of Latin and proud, that wasn’t the only track. You got the lively “Tigre” from Jarina DeMarco to “#NOTYOURS.” While there was a fair share of hip hop, I definitely expected more from watching the show. I also realized that perhaps I’m not cool enough after hearing the likes of Tasha The Amazon’s “Steady Noe” and K Rizz’s “YES Bitch.” On top of the Latin infused music and the hip hop there one track that I felt at home with and really loved. “Let ‘Em Say” from Lizzo & Caroline Smith was like something you’d hear on RuPaul’s Drag Race and because of it, I was like, “YASSS Queen!”

The music that comes from a show is critical because it sets the tone just as much as the lines being delivered. Broad City is set in a landscape that is full of life and diversity and the songs they fill their show with fully represent that, as well as the vibe of the show. To say you’d like the soundtrack if you like the show wouldn’t necessarily be true, but I can say if you are a fan of the Big Apple scene, check out the Original Soundtrack for Broad City, out October 28.

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