#FBF: The Crazy One

When you go to shows the memories made aren’t just based on the show itself or meeting your favorite bands, but the fans as well. Having stood in my fair share of lines back in the day before my back decided that was crazy. Which speaking of, you meet a lot of insane people in line at shows. Not everyone of course will tell you how someone mistook them for Hayley Williams – while standing there not looking the least bit like her in any way or go on and on about being in law school while appearing like a lady of the night. Some are nice as could be and still remain your friend via the internet because that’s how friendships stand the test of time, right? With that, this month is dedicated to some of the fans I’ve met over the years, the ones who’ve made going to shows quite interesting over the years.

It was August 2005. Me and my best friend were mere weeks away from starting our freshman year of college and where were we? Orientation? Nah, we were in line at Universal Studios waiting for The Used. Looking back, that pit was not that big and we definitely could’ve just slept in, rolled up later after the sun had set and likely had a great time still. Instead we sat there with little shade, sweating our asses off and coming face to face with a girl who’d be in our lives from that day on. While she didn’t introduce herself that day, I’ll never forget that she offered us $100 later that night to switch places with her because she failed to get on the barricade. How? I’m not sure since she was literally right behind us in line.

Not too long after that we ran into again at Fall Out Boy and that’s when we learned she actually went by a name that used the word Crazy. We’d learn soon after that this name was well deserved. Fast forward a decade later and I rarely see this girl as FOB isn’t something I head out to anymore and she too has moved on to obsess over new things. But whenever my kids in the future mention the word crazy, I will for sure be prompted to tell them about this girl and then put on an ancient CD to let them hear the music of FOB to give them a sort of soundtrack for the madness.


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