Diamond Mind: Heavy Metal Sunshine

There was a lot going on when I popped in Diamond Mind’s Heavy Metal Sunshine. Definitely comparable to those giant boxes of chips your mom buys you in elementary school so you can have a little variety throughout the week in your bagged lunch. Yup, that’s what you get with this Canadian band that is able to combine bits and pieces of pop, soul and even minstrel-like sounds into a record.

Having already made a name for themselves on a local level, Diamond Mind hopes to spread their name across borders and seas with this record and they just might. Going back to the chip reference, “Diamond Mind” was like the good ol’ Doritos. A great choice at the start of the week. Cute, fun and definitely their poppiest tune in the box. Not too different though with a little funk, “Horseless Coach” was like that track’s cousin, making it the Cool Ranch option. Lyrics and whatnot aside, the delivery had a case of sex appeal. Towards the middle of the week and the record, “The Janks” served up an odd troubadour minstrel vibe, while “Front Page Of The End Times” caused some drama like a Hot Cheeto would.

Diamond Mind have created quite the treat grab bag with Heavy Metal Sunshine thanks to the surge of styles they’ve constructed to put on display. Perhaps   in some cases, Heavy Metal Sunshine is due out October 7.


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