#FBF: This Is Never Ever Happening Again

During college I was really cool. No, like insanely cool. I watched Hannah Montana, swore Troy Bolton was the best boyfriend in the world and loved spending my free time laughing at Cory in the House. With that, I became quite obsessed with meeting these young stars and no, sadly this is not about an encounter with Zac Efron. Me and my friend have failed twice – so much so that it’s still a sore subject for us. Hell, this isn’t even about meeting a Disney star. However, because of my love for the channel at the time – I found myself at the premiere for the Another Cinderella Story premiere and yes, I met Selena Gomez but let’s talk about how my robot got a picture with her BFF T. Swift. Yes, Taylor Swift.

This was Swift long before the line of exs were her reality. At the time I think she was possibly dating Joe Jonas. Her hair was wavy, her stance was sweet. She was right about to be the most talked about star in the world and she was super nice about taking a picture with a toy robot. Because of what I continue to see about her fan interactions, I believe that even today if you caught her in a good mood, she’d still be down with the bot – but because you can’t always been too sure how fame can change a person…I am glad I was able to take that picture right before she went from that cute country singer to the girl who make #SquadGoals more than a hashtag.

I met a lot of people that day like my love from Cory in the House, as well as the main man from the show, Gomez and her TV BFF Harper and of course Swift. I will say that when compared – Bieber’s future ex’s picture with my bot was a lot cuter (so much so some even claimed it as their icon on Livejournal back in the day), but for some reason I like the Swift one more. Maybe it’s because I just don’t like Gomez anymore for a variety of reasons. Number one being that she should’ve just stayed in acting and never tried the whole singing thing. You have to know what’s good. Her career choices aside, my once upon a time run in with Taylor Swift sits high on my list and caps off our month…and next month we’ll focus on the most interesting fans I’ve come across over the years…

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