GML: Billy Moon Takes Us Down Odd “Roads”

Starting something new this week with GML. While I love talking about something new every week, I thought that the best way to make this even more so an homage to my love Carson Daly was to not only dish video and tour news, but give you an interview each week. So first up we’re checking in with Canada’s Billy Moon. With it comes not only his new video for “Roads,” but also his dates – both of which you can check out below. Then stay tuned after that for more tour news and video picks of the week!

Kendra: You’ve described your video for “Roads” as “if Ryan Lochte went to Burning Man but no one wanted to hang out with him.” Did you have this idea before or after he made a fool of himself at the Olympics?

Billy Moon: I’m a big fan of Olympic swimming, I’d been following Lochte for a while and would watch his short-lived reality show religiously. He’s my best friend, and we’re gonna put out a rap album together where we talk about how shredded our quads are. He’s frosting my tips.

Kendra: Have you ever told an outlandish lie that you then got called out on?

Billy Moon:

Kendra: Were you listening to anything in particular when you were recording That Which You Can’t Throw Away to which the influence may’ve gotten onto the record?

Billy Moon: Usually what I’m listening to will affect what I’m writing, but I feel now I’m just chasing after the sensation that I get from listening to a particular record. I did the record with a close friend and collaborator (Asher Gould who now performs in the Toronto band Mr. Joy) and we would play records for each other while we were recording, usually it was just to find weird sounds. I was listening to the new Porches album at the time, which I was really enjoying. We had wanted to make a record together for a while and just used the time together to experiment with sounds and let the songs take shape. “Roads” was the song we spent the most time on because I had a relatively simple idea, but then he started suggesting we use drum machines and synths. The collaboration was probably the biggest influence on the record’s sound, and I think we were able to hit some sweet spots together.

Kendra: This week you’ll be kicking off a mini tour at Townehouse in Sudbury. What can fans expect from these upcoming shows?

Billy Moon: Some guy wears a dress onstage and we’re kinda loud. Also this is the first tour where we got a kid playing bass (Patrick Hayes). We’re gonna sound bigger, which is cool.

Kendra: What’s up with you after you wrap up this current run of shows?

Billy Moon: My Dad needs me to move all of this firewood into the garage for winter, plus the front garden need to be worked on, the Japanese Maple needs to be pruned back. We’re also going to be heading out east at the end of November recording some tracks in Boston and then some shows in Eastern Canada. It’ll be fun to head out east again, it’s full of good people.


Shiffley already started their fall run a few days ago, but will continue on until October 9 when they roll into Connecticut.  Starting tonight EZTV will start be out until early December. On Friday night Sam Evian will be out for about two months in support of his debut album, which is currently streaming on Brooklyn Vegan. Bellows will also be hitting the road that night elsewhere Brooklyn, and they’ll be out and about until they wind down in Massachusetts at the end of November. Last up, Gabriella Cohen will be hitting Australia, the UK and the US. Check out her poster for more info below. Don’t forget to check out this week’s video picks after that!


Rachael Yamagata “Let Me Be Your Girl”

New Order “People On The High Line”

K Camp “Touchdown”

Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør “Never Ever”

Brandish “Running”


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