#FBF: Ashlee in an Alley

Listening to Ashlee Simpson today, I’m not sure why I ever paid to see her perform. She’s not the greatest singer but at the time I L-O-L-O-Loved this girl. So when she was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as just a guest – me and a friend thought it wise to brave the cold to stand in the wind tunnel that is the alley behind the talk show’s studio to try and meet her. Thankfully the cold made is so no one else was there and it was like our own personal meet and greet. The year escapes me but it was when she was with the guy from Fall Out Boy but before he knocked her up and they got married. Time aside, unlike Billy from Good Charlotte – this girl was a doll.

Not sure what she is like when a crowd of people are around, but when it’s just you and one other person on a chilly night in the back of a studio like a couple of creeps, Ashlee Simpson is a sweetheart. Lord knows she could’ve just ran to her car and left without stopping to snap a photo with us, because there have been a dozen or so famous faces who have before her. Don’t get me started on the meanies who’ve just tossed a wave my way. Like, thanks…I definitely waited out here for a wave. Anyways, she did not just smile, wave and disappear into a town car. She instead stopped and I’m sure we said something cliche fans typically say to her. I do however remember noting my love of her on 7th Heaven.

The first and last time I met Ashlee Simpson, I am not sure there’s ever be a next time unless I ran into her at the creepy ass Toys R’ Us I saw paparazzi shots of her at some years ago in Van Nuys. So with that, I’m glad to have met her once upon a time when my love for her was still there and I had yet to realize that vocally she was not the most blessed human on earth. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of her when she came back to Jimmy and played on what happened to be my 21st birthday, and if she ever played free again – I think I’d give it a go. So while I’ve met some of my favorites from middle school, some bands one too many times, and a douche, I’ve also met Hollywood starlets who seem pretty darn genuine like Ashlee Simpson.

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