GML: Chili Time

All I want is like five more hours in the day so I can get all these damn assignments done. With that, let’s get right to it! Madeira will drop her debut EP tomorrow night and with that she’ll play in LA at The Satellite. It should be a great show filled with new music excitement. You can check out the poster below for more dates from her. After that we have a couple of tours kicking right around the same time in November. Jim James will spend a month on the road, heading from Boston to New Orleans while The Bouncing Souls will also be tackling the US during that time.  Finally, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will – yes, they are about 80 and still going strong – embark on a new tour this coming January and won’t stop until mid-March. Now while I try and figure out how I’m going to get all my assignments done, you check out this week’s video picks!


Chase Huglin “Niagara”

White Lung “Sister”

Japanese Breakfast “Everybody Wants To Love You”

July Talk feat. Tanya Tagaq “Beck + Call”

Prince Rama “Your Life In The End”


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