Opening Up the Lines of Communication with Jaunt

Once a pop loving duo, Jaunt expanded to include a few more members to have a better grasp of the music when in a live setting and rolled with it from there. With that they dropped their new EP this past July and have plans to give fans a treat this November when they head out on the road for a bit. Before they get into that mode though, their own Pat O’Brien shared his thoughts on mashing their single with a inescapable Adele song, how their sound has grown and more…

Kendra: What growth came with the addition of three members?

Pat O’Brien: Our keyboard player Dan has been involved essentially since the onset of the band, but the lineup become “solidified” when Duncan (our drummer) and Nick (our bass player) joined. We’d been a band with a rotating cast of members, but our chemistry with this lineup feels right and comfortable. It’s fun practicing alongside people you enjoy playing with. So I’d say our growth has mostly happened in the live sense.

Kendra: Well we can hear it for ourselves on your latest single, “Hello.” Any worries about naming it that after well…2015’s monster that was Adele?

Pat: Truthfully, we weren’t too concerned about the name at the time, as we’d already finished the song and the concept for the EP was set. It’s a word that’s been used in countless songs and music over the years, so I guess this was our way of presenting it a bit differently.

Kendra: Ever thought about mashing the two together?

Pat: Never thought too hard about it, but if someone wants to take a go at it, we’d love to hear the results.

Kendra: Back to yours. I where it’s coming from. The idea of technology and how it’s shifted social interactions. Do you think we’re too connected to our devices?

Pat: I’m not necessarily sure how I feel about the state of modern communication. On a personal level I find myself resenting how connected to my phone I am, but in saying that the level of interconnectedness it provides is also hugely beneficial. I think it brings about a level of unnecessary anxiety for sure though.

Kendra: What can you tell us about your EP? Any other songs exploring social patterns like “Hello?”

Pat: The communication theme is explored pretty broadly over the whole thing. You can take the songs as individual pieces of music though, and it definitely wasn’t intended to be some grand statement on the state of modern communication. The theme came together as we were building the songs, as a loose way to tie them together.

Kendra: Will you be touring after the record drops, or are you holding out for the fall?

Pat: We’ll be doing a small Canadian “tour” in November, and hope to be playing more frequently in the new year. We’re currently working on some new music to keep things going.

Kendra: Your single made me think of greetings. So if you had to make a mixtape of songs to introduce yourself to someone, what five songs would have to be on it?

Pat: Here are some songs we enjoy!
Plus Two – “Stop Fantasy
Arthur Russell – “You and Me Both
Paul Simon – “Run That Body Down
Mauno – “Benny
Nat King Cole – “Moonlight in Vermont


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