Trapt: DNA

Time for some honesty, I consider Trapt’sEcho” one of the best songs of my existence. There, I said it. Yeah, it was probably a contender for BuzzCutts 2, but alas it’s a great song. That was some years ago though and I didn’t think that band was even still around. Much to my surprise though they are and I have to say – their latest, DNA, wasn’t half bad. They often got lumped into that scene that had Breaking Benjamin and P.O.D (by me included), but after listening to DNA, I’d say they’d fare well with someone from the American Idol family.

We’ll get back to the Idol note in a second start with what I didn’t need…an “Intro” is never really a good thing. It takes up space on a playlist and could wind up just living in most people’s recycle bin. With that, “Castaway” and “Getting Even” anchored this record but they were very unlike the tracks that let this record really fly high. There was romance in “Tangled Up In You” as well as the encouraging words of “Changing Hands,” but “Passenger” and “Not So Different” are the baskets where I’d place all my eggs. Both came across like fine tuned engines pulling DNA home. Speaking of home, when “Human” and “Falling Angel” played, I thought they would do very well with fans of Idol’s Chris Daughtry. They may want to contact his people and make a connection for a future tour.

Back in the day I would’ve never thought that at almost 30 I’d be reviewing their new album and liking more than just one song. While nothing on DNA could hold a candle to the pedestal I’ve placed “Echo” upon, it was a pretty well done record for modern rock fans out there. If that’s you, check out DNA, out now.


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