#FBF: The Bad Side of Billy

It’s not hard to win over a tween girl. Be cute, be on some sort of screen and you’re in. JTT took my heart first, but not in the way Backstreet Boys did, but after them came Good Charlotte and I was totally cool for liking them…Only not really, because they aren’t so much as cool as they are a fun band. Anyways, they were it for me nearing the end of middle school and living in my little town a couple of hours of the “glitz and glamour” of Hollywood, all I could do was dream of meeting the guys of GC one day. Because I’d definitely be the only 14-year-old to tell them how much their music meant to me as I too grew up with a single mother and lived holding up that poverty line. Only not really because that’s the story when it comes to 99.9% of their fans, or so it seems. So when I finally did meet Benji and Joel at an acoustic set at a Verizon Store, I am sure I froze and walked away. That wasn’t the case when it came to Billy, but I wish it had been.

Both times me and my bestie ran into Billy it was a total surprise. The first was after a Panic! at the Disco show. What he was doing there? I don’t know, enjoying the hell out of that first album? Most likely. So we asked for a picture and he was rude. Not to the point that we went home and ripped up out young and hopeless dreams, but we were a little peeved. We chalked it up to him having an off night because hey, we’ve all had our bad days (and nights). So no serious grudge was held until second time around. I can’t recall what the show was but I do know it was outside The Avalon – back when they had shows and wasn’t just a nightclub of sorts. Rude once more, we decided his “bad days” were just a serious attitude problem and now my grudge is forever on because in the words of the great Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

Recently I was reading Melissa Joan Hart’s autobiography and she recalled working on a play with some well known actor and him being an asshole to one of her friends who wanted an autograph for her parents. She noted then and there that she would never take fans for granted. Which I hope is the case when we finally come face to face and I gush about loving her as a kid, but confess how upset I was when Melissa & Joey left the air. We’ll then take a great picture together and be on our separate ways. I will then think to myself, “That guy could learn a thing or two from her!” I mean, I get that celebrities (from A to the Z-list) don’t always have to be on BUT he was outside of venues…he wasn’t out with his family, which then – give me all the attitude in the world because it’s rude on a fans part to bother people when they’re with their kids. Anyways, he was not in both cases with anyone and in both cases he was anything but nice.


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