GML: New Gig Alert!

I’m going to get right to it this week because I am exhausted. 7am wake-up calls to post and then a non-stop day filled with annoying ass math at a job I need to keep for the time being, but before we do – let me plug my newest writing gig at Fanbread.

Butcher Babies will be starting their tour next week and a couple days after them Great Shapes will start their month on the road as well. Before we wake Billie Joe up King Shelter and Sticky Fingers will start a mini west coast run heading from LA to Washington. Come October 7 Minutes in Heaven and Gryffin will both be starting their own tours. And then finally, Day Wave will be heading out right when November starts on the 2nd. You can check out the dates for Day Wave below, and then stay tuned for this week’s video picks!

TesseracT “Hexes”

The Kills “Impossible Tracks”

Ray Hodge “I Am King”

Emotional “Hawaii”

Martha “Precarious”


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