The Natural Side of Limestone Chorus

An indie band with a surprise filling at their core, Limestone Chorus have filled their days making music that is all about finding the beauty and appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer not only in their hometown of Toronto, but elsewhere as well. With that, their own Ben Goerzen sat down to chat about their debut, the pressure heat can have and what they have in store this fall.

Kendra: Your native Toronto has been in the news but thankfully it’s only because you’ve been having quite the heat wave. Did that heat take a toll on your creativity at all this summer?

Ben Goerzen: I don’t think the heat made much of a difference for us – we had one show at the end of the summer where we released our album to our hometown, and there was no AC in the room we were playing in; an old church basement. So needless to say that was a steamy show with the room being full and basically zero air circulation. Everyone bought into it though and it was just one awesome steamy dance party by the end of the show!

Kendra: On the surface you have this indie folk shell, but you have this soul packed in deep. Where did that come from? Did the band always have it, or was the soul something that came to be over time?

Ben: I think that “soul” side of us has always been there. We have always struggled to just label ourselves as a folk band or indie band even though that’s probably what we boil down to. Jordan as a songwriter definitely adds that element of soul and I think it’s just amplified quickly when we play together and all feel that vibe.

Kendra: Other than the sound, we got some interesting themes on your debut record, Deer Friends such as an appreciation for Mother Nature as well as human connection. With that, do you think the progress of technology is killing both our love of nature as well as connecting with one another?

Ben: Tech vs Nature is always a theme that seems to be at odds with one another. I think it don’t have to be but unfortunately right now technology is still so new to us in the big picture of human evolution, that we don’t always know how to incorporate it in our lives without letting it take us over completely. So in a sense we’re like babies that don’t realize that too much of something is not good for us. But I do see in my life people who are becoming more and more cognizant of technology’s potential shortcomings and what is truly important for us. I for one, the second I have been too long, too far from nature need to convene with her or I feel the pain immediately and have learned that it is important to answer that call.

Kendra: The lead single was “Woods & Water.” Was it a unanimous decision that it would be that song to lead the pack?

Ben: I think as a young band we just felt it was important to put our best foot forward because we knew it was the one time we could control what people heard and saw first. It definitely wasn’t immediately obvious to us, being how proud we are of the whole body of work; but I know we are all happy with that decision.

Kendra: You’ve had a couple shows in August, any more after that – perhaps in the fall?

Ben: As far as the fall shows go we are actually in the midst of finishing the bookings for a Maritimes tour right now in mid-October and then will do a full run of Ontario shows in the beginning of November! Stay tuned for a big announcement soon.

Kendra: Mother Nature is someone we all meet on different levels at different times in different locations – but I think we can all agree she’s great. With that, if you had to make her a mixtape, what five songs would have to be on it?

Ben: If we had to make a mixtape that was an ‘ode’ to mother nature here is what I think the band would come up with.
B.C. Orienteering” – Said the Whale
What Arrows” – Hey Rosetta!
Through & Through & Through” – Joel Plaskett
Ontario” – Jim Bryson
Beggar in the Morning” – Barr Brothers


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