Lizzy Rose: Crocodile Tears

From a self proclaimed “weirdo indie pop” band to touring with the Flaming Lips, you know right then and there that you weren’t going to get a run of the mill sound from the likes of Lizzy Rose. What’s to be said about her latest release, Crocodile Tears, is that each song sits on its own – each strangers on a bus with one thing in common – the driver. Lizzy may showcase a different persona with each, morphing in and out of styles like a Madonna since the 80’s, but unlike the Queen of Pop – Lizzy makes it work each and every time. Remember the whole faking to be British thing? No one was buying that. Don’t worry, Lizzy doesn’t have that embarrassing phase on this record.

Much like Melanie Martinez without the underlying nightmare attached, “Nervous Bird” has a nursery rhyme innocence to it. That same can and is going to be said of the dreamy “Best I’ve Had” as well as a personal favorite, “Muse For A Masterpiece,” which will transport listeners back into the late 60’s when the whole free love thing was in effect. Speaking of, there was a carefree spirit in the title track but instead of being a reminder of the hippies of yesterday, it made me think of Burning Man because when I imagine a sound that comes from that massive desert meetup, it’s “Crocodile Tears” I hear. From carefree to buttoned up, that’s what you got with the dramatics of “Walk The Walk (You’re A Whore).” It was her mature mark, while “In Morning Sun” was more playful like a Regina Spektor record.

The album Lizzy Rose has in her hands right now does not have a consistent sound, which is something I particularly like. Perhaps this is due to growing up at the start of the Now That’s What I Call Music! series, and having a love for an assortment. So it works in that way. It also works because Lizzy is able to showcase her best self with each passing song. Crocodile Tears is ride you’ll never tire of, and it’s out now. Also, make sure to catch her on the rest of her mini-tour. She has a few dates left. She’ll be in Denver tomorrow night at Lost Lake, and then bck to California before her last two shows in Washington.


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