#FBF: One Too Many Higher Trips

The date is unknown, but I do remember seeing The Higher in the smaller room of The Knitting Factory one night during college and being swept away. Hello, there was an adorable blond boy singing Usher’s “Nice & Slow” and causing my heart to explode with joy. So from that point I was hooked to Histrionics. Which I am currently listening to and the memories are just coming at me like wildfire. Having only been to Vegas once before for educational purposes, this band caused me to go back time and time again because once again – you had a little white boy who could sing soulful pop songs? Then The Cab came along and kind of took their thunder and The Higher fell by the side of the road and was quickly forgotten…but not by all as they’re still one of my favorite memories when thinking back to band encounters.

Yes, not as prominent in my life lyrically as The Used was to my 16-year-old self, this band from Sin City rather gave me a sense of minor adventure in college. As partying was not my thing but shows, shows and more shows? Yes, please! And when it wasn’t Incubus with my bestie or being engulfed in the line drama that came with Fall Out Boy, it was The Higher for a period of that time. Man, those were good times but when it came to flashing back to just one particular encounter, they all kind of clumped together because there were more than a few and it was like a decade ago and my mind isn’t as fresh as it once was. Hell, I am surprising myself listening to their album right now and remembering more than the choruses…because fun fact: I am the worst with lyric recollection.

Anyways, one that comes to mind is when we went to UC Santa Barbara to see them open for The Matches. If you read last week’s, then you know Blink. If not, Blink is a toy robot that took pictures with people instead of me because seeing myself then was not the business. Anyways, all the members of that band, over the course of running into them (aka lurking them out) has a photo with good ol’ Blink. Even a lovely group shot from Warped Tour is in my possession and will be passed down to my children one day. How lucky are they?

Sadly this is a true blue #FBF as The Higher went away with the lead singer taking a job as the frontman of a cover band in his hometown, and the others – well who knows where they are today. One is likely still sending nudes (Oh…Reggie…), Tom is likely living on a mattress somewhere in LA and so forth and so on BUT if they ever wanted to play a reunion show, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be there. For old times sake, I would have to be, right?


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