GML: Addiction

You have to stand up and be honest with yourself about you addictions. So here I am, standing in front of whoever reads this to say – I cannot stop listening to that Alessia Cara. Thankfully I am not alone. As a proud little hermit who looks as social interaction with discretion, “Here” has been added to the songs that make up my life. I’m so late to this party but damn, this girl…let’s pretend there’s a heart emoji there. Now onto some bands you may or may not be obsessed with…

Green Day just announced this week that they’ll be touring for a month in the states starting September 20. They’ll also be heading overseas after that.  After Green Day gets underway, Tele Novella will start their month long tour in Texas and that’s where they’ll end; from Denton to Beaufort ya’ll! Come October Toothgrinder will play a couple weeks, and as for Osaka Punch – you can check out their dates below, and after that you can check them out as they kick off this week’s video picks.


Osaka Punch “Make the Call”

Tele Novella “Heavy Balloon”

Samm Henshaw “Night Calls”

Frankie Cosmos “Young”

Monocled Man “Tromelin”


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