Jenny Jarnagin: Heart Percent

Sitting down to write these words, the news cannot stop talking about the MTV Video Music Awards and it’s at this time that I realize how much I’ve grown out of knowing the latest hip hoppers and pop stars. The likes of the newsmakers being the only ones I recognize as I mute the reviews to listen to singer-songwriter Jenny Jarnagan’s upcoming release, Heart Percent. Unlike what you’d hear accompanying the twerking and whatnot on MTV’s once-a-year music related broadcast, she is more on the level of people who love artists like Sheryl Crow and Jason Mraz.

An array of moods come through this record. From the sultry jazz of “Like a River” with the accompaniment of entertaining piano arrangements to a truthful message in “It’s Time” where she repeats a telling line, “Just don’t see the future in it.” While stylistically this album wasn’t something I’d turn on in my personal time, I can say Jenny’s vocals were on point when it came to the empowering ‘Stand On” as well as “When Love Is Gone.” When the record comes to an end, you’re left with a good record for what it was; a singer-songwriter with a contemporary sound that plays like that of a Crow or Aimee Mann.

If you find yourself in the club on Friday nights dancing away to the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce, then perhaps Heart Percent is not the record to turn to but if you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a song that has more than a catchy chorus then you are the audience for Jenny Jarnagan’s Heart Percent, out September 9. Then after you get the record, you can catch her playing a handful of shows between September 10 and May of next year around Arizona.


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