#FBF: The Used on Cedros

Last month was all about videos I will always love, but now we’re switching gears and going into my favorite encounters. With this being a music blog, I did limit these to just musicians or else John Krasinski and Michael C. Hall would’ve taken over. Thinking back I had to think deep about this one to fill this one with some of my fondest memories of meeting some of my absolute favorite artists over the years. With that, the random run-in with 3/4th of The Used had to be first.

It was the weekend, I was in some year of college and it was a little cold outside. Not too cold that I thought getting on a bus to the now gone Borders on Ventura Blvd. was a bad idea. So in a Used sweater, I set out to try and find a book I was going to need for class that semester. I got off the bus like usual and started to head towards my destination with Jeph caught my eye. This wouldn’t be the first time I’d met anyone from The Used thanks to meet & greets of the past, but the fact that the dudes who made the music my 16-year-old self lived for – I was like, OMG. Literally, I said that in my head and got the courage to say hello.

Sitting here now, I cannot remember how I managed to get any sort of photos. I must’ve had a camera on me…Not sure why, but I am thankful I did because each of them was nice to take an individual photo with my best boy Blink (a toy robot I’ve had and carried with me since I was like…14 who has more pictures with famous faces than I do. He’s even met T. Swift). So they did that and then I believe it was Jeph who suggested we take a group shot with him, Quinn and Dan. They were nice guys and even asked what I was up to that day as we stood on the corner of Cedros and Ventura. I quickly told them I was looking for a book for school and then went on my way. It is obviously a memory that will forever be near my heart, but for the life of me I cannot remember why I had a camera on me that day…Also, I am glad they didn’t point out I was wearing their merch…Like whoa crazy fangirl, whoa…


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