GML: Nerves in Forward Motion

Nervous as hell to start this new writing job. Other than Cartoon Brew and MTV Geek, this is probably the biggest platform I’ve written for. Well, I can’t say written because I have yet to submit pitches, get them approved and actually turn in anything – but hey, I just got hired. Give me some time. It’s writing for sites of actual celebrities, TV personalities and these so-called influencers. So yeah, nervous bubble guts is what I have right now but I have to push through those and get to it because anyone who works with words for a living knows there are a lot of downs and very few great highs, but when we get one – man, do we hold on for dear life until our fingertips are purple. So wish me luck and also, I must say I am continuously inspired by the friends I’ve made through this line of work. I am getting to that age where I am happy for people when they get engaged and/or have a baby, but I’ll always smile most when scrolling through Facebook and seeing a creative win. From getting their photograph in a major publication to becoming the editor of a huge magazine – thanks to those who do well and make me continue to push forward.

Now we’re pushing forward with this week’s tour announcements. A favorite of mine, Bad Seed Rising, will start their tour on September 13 and will go through mid-October. In The Whale will also be touring during that time. They’ll go from Austin to Denver – ending in their hometown. While those tours are ending, Niykee Heaton will be starting hers October 6 in Georgia. She’ll be on her Centerfold tour throughout December. Speaking of, Slotface just added dates to their tour that month.  Now time for our video picks!

Wanderer “Driving”

Auras “Dream Elixir”

Bad Seed Rising “Fighting Gravity”

Allie X “All the Rage”

Woodes “The Thaw”


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