A Day Without Love: Solace

Running a blog from the comfort of your own home when you’re a hermit means you come into contact with people via the best way possible; online. You get to know artists as the years go by and if you’re lucky – you get to see how they progress over the years. A Day Without Love first came to Golden Mixtape with an emotional album of love, then you heard some growth with his next – including a split with Father Oscar. Now it seems the heartbreak is over and Solace is more so a reflection of self more than anything else.

An emo outlet when A Day Without Love first stumbled onto this blog a few years ago, I feel like the music has grown into a more DIY, bedroom rock feel with those emotional elements still sewn in between the seams; holding the notes together. That’s the vibe set with “Joseph” but as things continued on, you heard that heartache come creeping back in with the lead single, “Solace” which lamented about a yearning for happiness and not wanting to live with the expectations set by someone else. Before I get to the most sound track lyrically, I’d like to point out the best all around track, the one with the best arrangement and delivery, “Cruel.” Now onto the song that stuck out as the star, “Green.” The friends you had yesterday may not be your friends tomorrow and that’s no one’s fault. Time changes everyone and sometimes you outgrow one another and this song seems to capture the sentiment. The voice singing these words isn’t too fond of the party lifestyle their friends are into and seems to want more…Not a lot of songs capture adult friendships so this was a refreshing one.

It’s been quite the ride with A Day Without Love. From the emo days where heartbreak and romance were on the table, to now – a record that’s more about growing and changing as time goes by. If you’re a fan of DIY meets emo meets alternative rock, check out Solace, out August 30.

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