GML: Balloons!

Keeping it short, sweet and musical today…Remember that song “99 Luftballons” from the 90’s? Well Nena sang it and she has never toured over in the states. That is until now as she has just announced her first American tour. She’ll start in San Francisco on September 30 and end shortly after in New York City on October 4. Starting this week though, tomorrow actually are two tours. The Tin Pigeons will be heading out for a few days over in the UK, while Dirty Dishes will be out in the US until next week when they start in Ohio and end in New York.  One more for you, Calum Scott, like Nena, will embark on his first North American headlining tour starting at the Troubadour in LA and winding down at the House of Blues in Texas in November.  Now for this week’s video picks!

Coheed and Cambria “Bridge and Tunnel”

The Glorious North “No Soul To Save”

Porches “Black Dress”

The Avalanches “Subways”

New Portals “Cage”

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