At the Heart of it: you couldn’t stay

A new chapter starts tomorrow as I start a part time job that has me leaving the house. So this hermit has been typing away all weekend to get ahead of the game because let’s face it, at the end of the day I’ve got a blogger’s heart and with that comes a review of At the Heart of it’s latest EP that just dropped last week, you couldn’t stay. Experimental in that it was delivered more like aggressive spoken performance piece with variation of prose poetry set on a post-hardcore plain.

Just a couple of songs in the mix, each came with a lengthy set of lyrics that when viewed appeared to be a long form note written to someone in the most articulate way. That goes for both “Currents” and “Sunspots.” Though each came with the same type of packaging delivery wise, lyrically each tells a different story. There’s pain within “Currents” while in “Sunspots” you can hear this proclamation of heartfelt emotions wrapped up in an anguished coated wrapper. That being said, if you enjoy half of the record, you’ll definitely love the other.

Hardcore poetry come to life is what you’ll find when you press play on As the Heart of it’s you couldn’t say. If you’re a fan of post-hardcore music, then you will want to take 10 minutes of your time to give this one at least one listen – and then about 60 more to have these two tracks on repeat. The EP is available now on Wide Eyed Noise.


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