GML: A Little Advice

Dear musicians, a great press release can go a long way. As someone who receives a lot on a daily basis, and who has to write them as well – I can’t stress enough what taking the time to make yours well constructed will do for you and get yours read and not instantly deleted. You don’t have to have a long drawn out release – just so long as you include links so that we can check things out as well. No links, and we’re left assuming you don’t have any socials to tag if and when we want to write about you, review your music or interview you. Short and sweet though isn’t always that great. Show us you took more than five minutes to write it out and hit send. For me, I like a nice well rounded three paragraphs or so that explain a simple who, what, when, where and why. Plus, links. Never forget the links. That’s just something that came to mind this week as I have been dealing with an artist who is failing at figuring out how Twitter works…Now onto some tour news and videos…

Honeyblood will kick off their tour at the end of September. You can find out more about those dates below. Harts will also be heading out in September and will go into October. Every Time I Die is going out on the road in October as well. Starting on the second and staying out until mid-November. Just a few tours on the books this week, and now for some video picks!


Miya Folick “Pet Body”

The Big Moon “Silent Movie Susie”

Velvet Flare “6th of June”

Bel “Melancholia”

Sunshine & the Blue Moon “Sunshine & Lucy”


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