The Iron Sun Rises on Red Skies

In a few days Red Skies will be in Quebec City playing alongside Wastelands, No Direction Home and more. For those in the area that are into heavy metal that packs a punch and a lot of heart – make sure to check it out. For the rest of us not so lucky to be within driving distance of the show, we can all learn a little more about this metalheads from Montreal as they talk about their latest release, video and more…

Kendra: When you formed back in 2012, you wanted to create something fresh. Was there something you felt was missing from the current scene?

Red Skies: From the end of 2010 up until 2012 we had a struggling local scene in Montreal. Very few new bands were appearing and the previously established ones fell silent. All of us in R/S had been in bands before this quiet period had set in. Music is something we all loved to do and wanted to continue to be involved in. Coming together and starting Red Skies felt very natural, and we wanted to write music we were all familiar with and loved, but with our own original touches put on it. It was our way of rekindling that energy we saw within our scene two years prior, while giving ourselves and hopefully new fans something different to get into!

Kendra: You guys obviously had something going on because you started to create quite the stir and landed on some impressive tours. Which, you’ll be on another this summer alongside Silverstein. Do you ever get a little nervous when you’re about to share the stage with these bands that have such a foundation set?

Red Skies: Maybe not so many tours as being granted the chance the play the Montreal dates of those tours. We had done a couple of weekend warriors but nothing major. We definitely took our time refining our sound, our performance, and winning over our own city before we sought out tour dates in new places. Opening for big bands that have influenced us is always really exciting, but it goes without saying that we’ll get a few butterflies in our stomachs before all of our gigs! The performance aspect of our band is the most exciting part of it for us. We’re far from bored of it and won’t be for awhile!

Kendra: Fans will get to hear songs from your debut, Iron Sun, which dropped late last year. When the album’s been out awhile for you but is likely new to these audiences – how do you make it a new experience for yourselves when playing?

Red Skies: It’s really about the crowd when it comes to playing live. We had been playing the songs off Iron Sun for a year before we played any of them live. Regardless of that, when the audience, and especially a new audience, receives those songs and our performance well, the energy from that makes it feel like we’re playing them for the first time all over again. We think most bands can agree with that. The crowd really makes or breaks the energy coming from the band. We’ll give it everything we’ve got regardless of a good crowd or not, anyone present and willing to watch us deserves our best, but the feeling you have walking off the stage after your set is largely influenced by the crowds reaction.

Kendra: Every band has that defining song that will never be absent from their setlist. Have you established that song for yourselves yet?

Red Skies: At the moment, we will always include the songs we’ve filmed videos for and have promoted individually in our set, it’d be a waste not to. It’s hard to tell which songs are built to last when most of your feedback has been gauged based on your hometowns reaction, which consists largely of friends, family, and people that we know personally. The reactions of strangers and new fans means a lot to us, as it is usually unbiased. The way people react to our tunes on social media is definitely taken into consideration, but still has yet to grow to proportions large enough to start judging what people seem to enjoy most . Nevertheless, the combination of both led us to filming a clip for “New Voice,” so for the time being, you’re going to hear that one a lot!

Kendra: You received a healthy amount of praise for Iron Sun. Did you print and save a lot of the reviews?

Red Skies: Definitely! We save them, take the best ones and put them up on our EPK and social media pages! The reactions of music review sites and magazines has been outstanding. We’re really grateful and lucky for that, so thank you to all those who’ve covered us before!

Kendra: Do you guys already have plans for another tour after your time on the road this summer wraps up?

Red Skies: Slowly but surely! Despite the fantastic coverage we’ve gotten, we’re still a relatively small band. We’re at the point where we’re ready to hit the road as hard as we can, but in an industry of connections, convincing strangers to give you a shot at playing in their town isn’t easy. If it weren’t for our friends in other bands, promoters in our town vouching for us, and our few friends in other cities, it would be almost impossible to hit the road. It took years of establishing friendships, trading shows with bands in other cities, and being present at hundreds of other shows to get the opportunities we’ve gotten. It really is a grind to get to that point, but if you’re a great band with great songs and a great live show, making friends who can hook you up with shows only gets easier as time goes on! That being said, we’ve got some stuff cooking up for you guys 😉 and it’s all going to be really exciting!

Kendra: Thinking back to the idea of being fresh. If you had to make a mixtape consisting of the freshest songs to hit your iPod, what five would be on there?

Red Skies: We’ll leave you guys with a short answer for this one, we love 90’s alternative, progressive metalcore, reggae,and hip hop (a little left field, but we’re weird like that); Like we said, a little all over the place, but we’re 5 vastly different people playing in this one band. Our differences allow to create something unique, and that’s invaluable to us.
Diamond Eyes” – Deftones
Young Kobe” – The Underachievers
Gravedigger” – Architects
How to Fly” – Sticky Fingers
512” – Lamb of God

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