The Rebel Light: A Hundred Summer Days

To be alive in the 70’s, especially in California – that’s a dream of mine that will never be realized unless Doc Brown shows up with a seat for me. It pains me that I’ll never have an avocado green fridge and shag carpet. I mean, I could – but it just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why you have to appreciate bands like The Rebel Light who can transport you back to a time you never knew, only fantasize about. The music found on their latest, A Hundred Summer Days, did just the trick and often times left me swaying back and forth. Forgetting I was reviewing it, I had to go back and relisten a couple of times because it’s the kind of music that will just get you in a moment, and will not let go.

California pop brought to the mainstream in the last decade due to bands like Rooney, that is what you’re dealing with when it comes to The Rebel Light. That’s what you hear in an instant when you press play and “Stranger” comes through. However, unlike Rooney – this band plays more on the indie side and doesn’t ever go overboard with the rock and roll vibe. They keep it chill with endearing songs like “Where Did All The Love Go” and “Hard To Believe.” They also make you think with heavy lines like “Everyone’s a soldier dying of pain” in “Afterlife.” What I loved most though came with “Summer Haze.” It captured the record as a whole as I noted earlier with a pen, the haze this music leaves you in. You drown in its sound, but you never fear being under its spell. “Summer Haze” also provides the most heart in terms of delivery. It was like a power ballad under indie terms.

Living in California today is not the greatest. The rents are high, the space is limited, the time it takes to get from point A to point B is abysmal. Oh to be in the 70’s when things were just easier and everything had a burnt orange hue. While that time has come and gone, The Rebel Light are keeping it alive with their 70’s inspired sounding alternative rock that has a very indie pop feel to it at times. If you’re a fan of Rooney, do yourself a favor and check out A Hundred Summer Days, out now.


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