#FBF: N’SYNC “It’s Gonna Be Me”

Shh…don’t tell my loves Backstreet Boys, but one of my absolute favorite videos when I was a teeny bopper was made by my then enemy – N’SYNC. Let’s get this straight, BSB is by far the more skilled boy band when it comes to vocals because they have fives guys who work well together and in all honesty – N’SYNC does not have that. They have one mega voice carrying four okay voices whereas BSB has five good voices that blends like magic.

Anyways, that aside…BSB always held it down when it came to the harmonies, but N’SYNC could (then) kick their ass in dancing. Now, well…we all seen that dismal reunion where Chris and Joey were two seconds away from a heart attack. Then though, they were on top of their shit, as well as their video game. Every tween and teen from that time can agree that a world premiere on Making the Video was the most exciting part of the week and when “It’s Gonna Be Me” came out, DONE.

They were doll versions of themselves that you could actually buy in stores?! Genius merch idea and I am insanely mad that BSB never did that. Yeah, we got action figures via Burger King but uh, a Nick Carter Barbie? I feel like my adolescence was cheated somehow now. Okay so yeah, “It’s Gonna Be Me” was possibly the best video to come out the year it did. Which, that’s saying a lot as we had U2’s “Beautiful Day” and Lifehouse’s “Hanging by a Moment.” So yeah, stiff competition there.

Plus, I think anyone who grew up with a love of Toy Story had to have a place in their heart for this video. The idea of toys coming alive and having a personality can be insanely horrific in Chucky terms but after you realize that guy was actually more hilarious than terrifying, you want all the toys to speak. In this video they didn’t talk…um, they freaking danced and sang. The only negative here was well, obviously Chris Kirkpatrick existing and JC’s pants. The fashion of the 00’s was, well not the greatest.

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