Things that have never been for me; sports and the spirit that comes with them. This is why you never found me at games in high school or college. School spirit is the thing I fear most when it comes to having a child. Yes, I’d want them to be athletes if that’s what they wanted – but going to the games in their colors, kill me. That’s why I do not understand my fascination with the Olympics. It started years ago when Michael Phelps was just starting out. Swept away, like many, by his greatness and have since been glued ever since. So this week I’ve been glued to all the screens I have watching him win and win and win some more. Oh, to be that great at something…can you imagine?

I can’t but perhaps all of the artists who just announced tours can with more ease since they have the skills to pay the bills. Kevin Devine will tour this fall with Julien Baker, Pinegrove and Petal starting September 3. You can check out the rest of the dates below. Come October Le Sera will head out for a month, as will Aldous Harding who’ll be touring with Deerhunter. After you check those Kevin Devine dates out, check out this week’s video picks!


Daniel Amedee “The Only God Is You”

Vallens “Devour

Silent Pictures “Time Has Broken

Stephen Steinbrink “Impossible Hand”

Burn It Up “Affluenza”

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