Soldiers Of A Wrong War Prove 2016 Isn’t Their Time to Fall

After having shared the stage with mainstream dynamos like Panic! at the Disco and icons in their own right, The Get Up Kids – it’s clear that Soldiers Of A Wrong War can take on any crowd and win them over. Which they have been since starting up in Italy almost a decade ago. Now they’ve got a new song out and already they’ve been making waves with it. Now they’re sitting down and talking about “We Will Never Fall,” what’s to come and more.

Kendra: Your name is very striking. Do you often get a lot of comments about it?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: Always! There’s always someone asking the meaning of the name. It’s nothing related to politics, it’s just about everyday life because sometimes we all feel like we’re soldiers who are fighting for something in their lives, we have to face a lot of struggles on our path and sometimes we feel like we’re fighting a wrong war because everything seems complicated at first, but in the end we always find a way to go on and make things work.

Kendra: In your almost 10 years together, what has been the biggest high and lowest low of it all – so far?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: After all these years we definitely went through a lot of different experiences. I think the biggest high so far was when we had the chance to play at the MTVdays, which was a great festival that MTV used to set up every summer. Such a great experience! Talking about the lowest low it was right before the release of our last EP. Our drummer left the band and we went through some difficult times. It’s never easy to find a new band member who has the same vision that the rest of the band has for their project. But in the end we had the chance to meet Ric who became more than a brother to us and our new drummer. We recorded some new stuff together, released a new single and we have a hot smoking album ready to be released!

Kendra: One of the biggest highs is likely always releasing new music. Which you just did with your latest single, “We Will Never Fall.” A very empowering anthem in the grand scheme. It sounds like a song you’d hear attached to a sports team. In your wildest dreams, what team would you love to adopt this as their song?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: Never thought about it but yes, I think you’re right, our new single “We Will Never Fall” would sound great as a song attached to a sports team. Our choice would definitely be Denver Broncos!

Kendra: A band in many ways is exactly like a team. With that, have you each grown into a particular role in the band that helps you all continue on as strong as day one?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: We see our band as a company, everybody has his role and we’re working together to reach a common goal. We’re not the kind of band who records a song and then waits for people to do stuff for them, we believe that if you really want to succeed, you have to stand up, plan everything and do the best that you can to get what you deserve. We think that hard work pays and we’re working harder than ever. We want to make a career out of music and we’re aware that to pursue this goal we have to make sacrifices, a lot, but being musicians is the only thing that we truly ever wanted in our lives, since we started this band more than 9 years ago, so we are working hard and we’ll always work harder, doing whatever it takes to reach our goal.

Kendra: Back to “We Will Never Fall.” We can find that on your upcoming release that’s due out later this year. Can we expect more anthemic rock from it?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: Definitely yes! We worked a lot on this new album; we took care of every single detail. It’s gonna be a wild one, we wanna release it this Fall, can’t wait to share it with the whole world.

Kendra: You guys actually didn’t have that large of a budget to record. Which, I can appreciate. As a blogger – there ain’t a lot of funds heading my way. But you learn to adapt. What’s some financial adapting you all had to do to make this record happen?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: Savings, a lot of them! And we had some money we did with touring and we invested all of them. It’s never easy when you’re an indie band and you have to take care of every aspect, from management, to distribution, publishing, booking and making money to reinvest in the project. We’re working super hard to achieve our goals, we truly believe in what we do and we’re fighting for it!

Kendra: Over the years you’ve played with a wide variety of bands from The Get Up Kids to Panic! at the Disco. How have those varying audiences reacted to you?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: The reactions were awesome, we clearly remember when we played one of the singles of our first album, Save Me, at the show we did with Panic! At The Disco. It was one of the last songs of the set and people sang the chorus. It was really a great live!

Kendra: Will you be touring at all this summer or possibly in the fall?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: We’ll set up everything for this Fall so keep an eye on our Facebook page for new updates.

Kendra: Listening to “We Will Never Fall,” if you had to make a mixtape featuring songs that make you feel stronger than ever – what five would have to be on it?

Soldiers Of A Wrong War: We’d definitely go with:
Metallica – “Enter Sandman
Foo Fighters – “All My Life
P.O.D – “Boom
Limp Bizkit – “Break Stuff
Lostprophets – “Burn Burn


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