Earth Heart: Homesick

As I entered college, I found myself crying for two weeks because I wasn’t in MY room anymore, but a dorm two hours away. Even today, when I head east – I miss MY chair. That’s because I love my stuff more than the space it sits in. Homesick is my problem because I am attached to my Space Jam poster and book collection. It’s also the name of Earth Heart’s debut release. A debut that includes a bedroom haze that goes well with the theme; we love to be with our things at home and when we’re not – homesickness ensues.

The title track welcomes us in as do Katie Coriander’s vocals. Much like you’d hear on a college alternative station 20 years ago, she along with Matt Axten and Natan Keyes bring that about with a set of high powered grooves tossed in. As “Burn” came and went, you could hear the rock but also a hint of the beach. Which is odd for a band from Boston, but hey – perhaps they’re fans of that summer sound. The record continued to spin and with each rotation came a song that was new to my ears. “Iron Lung” was set in a dream, “Fire Song” provided the slow jam quota, and “Providence,” yet quick – was a captivating burst.

Earth Heart make bedroom rock that has an obvious DIY feel through and through. Bedroom rock that goes well with the title, Homesick because often when we’re away from our comfort zone be it our room or house as a whole – we’ll often feel that homesickness looming within us. Whether or not that was their intention with the title and play on words with the idea of the genre they fall into – it’s cool if that’s the case, but when you boil it down, all that matters is that if you’re a fan of music that calls for a love of DIY rock, check out Earth Heart’s Homesick, out now.


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