#FBF: Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes “What’s It Gonna Be”

Music videos are still made but for me, a 29-year-old in 2016, I am old enough to remember when they were the biggest deal and today…it seems like they’re just occurrences that aren’t as respected. So all of August we’ll be looking at some of my favorites. They aren’t necessarily for my favorite songs or from my favorite artists – but when I made these lists late last year, they were the first ones to come to mind and for that, they’ll be here each Friday as a reminder of how great videos once were.

It’s obvious that Janet Jackson can do no wrong when it comes to delivering videos that scream, “SEX!” I absolutely loved the one where she danced around the world on the wings of a plane, hung out with lions and even was dancing outside a subway – but I will always favor What’s It Gonna Be.” Maybe it’s because there is a shit ton of purple, or maybe because it reminds me of Ivan Ooze from the Power Ranger movie…whatever the reason, this video has always stuck with me.

Then I was reminded of what year this video came out; 1999. This is one of my absolute favorite years – ever. It was the end of the 90’s and the millennium was upon us. The fear of Y2K was high and everyone was on edge about what was to come. Me? I was 12 and had no real care in the world other than wondering when Nick Carter would fall in love with me. Plus, it was hard to get a kid down in the dumps when the music that surrounded her adolescence was at an all time high. Hello, Backstreet Boys were killing it, Limp Bizkit was starting to become a favorite and Janet and Busta had teamed up for a song that made you feel overtly sexual when you sang it…even though you were a preteen with absolutely NO experience in that area other than “risque” tales told in a Seventeen spread.

Coming out at a time when caring about the real world wasn’t a cause for concern, making an awkward fat kid feel cool when she sang along and giving off a nostalgic oozey vibe – that’s why Janet and Busta’s video will always get my utmost respect.


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