UK’s Grunge Scene’s Alive and Well with The Kut

Photo Credit: Joe Brady
Photo Credit: Joe Brady

Everyone knows the history of grunge in the mainstream. Nirvana, Seattle, the 90’s. Done. Here’s the thing though, the genre is still alive and well in many bands today that live for that gritty take on rock and roll, giving way to their emotions through crashing guitars that sound a little distorted, but the more tenacious – the better. Groups like The Kut found their way to music almost two decades after the world was introduced to the idea of grunge, but they are making fans smile all the while with their latest record and extensive touring that has them on the road throughout the end of the summer.

Now it’s time to learn more about The Kut via their own Maha who takes care of business leading the vocals and playing guitar. She dished about famous faces who love their band, their latest single “Bad Man,” and a whole lot more.

Kendra: People are absolutely loving your sound. How has all that positive feedback felt so far?

Maha: Aw, thanks a lot. It’s really been all good at the moment. We’ve been really excited about all the reactions to “Bad Man.” It’s been a long time coming with that release, so it’s like a big weight lifted if you know what I mean. We actually started shooting the video last March, but for a few reasons it all got held up. Behind the scenes we’ve been pretty frustrated as it meant we couldn’t release new music for ages, but now it’s out and getting great reactions the wait all seems worth it. We love playing that one live, there’s a really good energy when everyone is singing along.

Kendra: You’ve also gotten some pretty great praise from the likes of Dave Navarro and Shirley Manson do you just pinch yourself about that?

Maha: Haha yeah! I mean that’s been so cool. Shirley messaged us on Twitter to say they were excited for us about our release and we were just blown away. Shirley Manson is such a cool woman and really has been a great example to other female musicians, so it was really special. When Dave Navarro said our “No Trace” video was awesome I did totally have a fan girl moment. There I was browsing Twitter and basically two of my idols right there and they are digging what we are doing. It was like a real moment to think, yeah, maybe putting my whole life on hold for the band was possibly worth it.

Kendra: Pretty soon they’ll be doing the same with the release of your new single, “Bad Man.” You had this hat on in the video that reminded me of the late Scott Weiland. Were you paying homage to him in any way through fashion?

Maha: Oh wow, well yeah maybe. I mean, no but yeah why not. He’s definitely worth paying some homage to. I’ve got a bit of a thing for hats at the moment. In reality I don’t really wear them on stage though as they would last all of about five minutes. It’s an old RAF hat in the video. I love that hat.

Kendra: When you started the band were you worried the industry would try and make you into something you’re not – like oversexualize your looks or urge you to make music that wasn’t at all what you wanted to do?

Maha: Hm, that’s a tough one. I mean, to be honest not really. We’ve always been more about the music than anything else. We are independent right now, which doesn’t have many perks haha, but one of them is that we do get creative control over how we sound, look and are represented. I do find it really annoying though when people have more to say about our looks than our music. I mean, we are musicians, if we wanted people to comment on our looks we’d have been trying our hand (rather unsuccessfully) at modelling. This has been a lot better recently though. I definitely see more reviews that focus on our sound and technical abilities than how we had nice make up or something haha. We still get the odd sexist comment when it comes to setting up for soundchecks but that always stops after we actually start playing.

Kendra: Thankfully you’re doing your thing your way and doing it well. You’re going on a massive tour this summer. You’ll play a few shows in July and then really go hard come August. What are you planning on bringing to the stage with this tour?

Maha: Aw yeah! It’s going to be truly mental. We have 36 dates left and it’s going to be amazing, grueling, bananas and we are basically going to live on the motorway for over a month. There’s some places we have been dying to get to for a long time now, so we’d just like to get out there and get over to some of the people who have been supporting us so heavily online #TeamRazors. We’ve got some new tracks for the tour that we’ll be playing out for the first time as well, which is really exciting. We’ve been working on them now in the studio and it’s great to get them out of my head and into the ether. I know most bands say this about new material, but I think the new stuff is some of our strongest. It’s going to be really exciting and also scary because you never know how it’s going to go down until you are out there and playing the new tracks. There’s people who have really been heavily involved with the band and the music online for years now, and it’s going to be great to finally meet them and make new buddies too. We get to Scotland for our first time ever too! Basically it’s all about the tour right now. We are really excited.

Kendra: We’ll definitely be hearing “Bad Man,” but also some hits from your last record, Rock Paper Scissors. Thinking about it, if each of you were personified by a rock, paper and a pair of scissors – which would each of you be and why?

Maha: Haha wow, that’s another tough one. I think I’m going to claim all three, because that’s how I roll. But, if I HAD to choose, I’d say our drummer Diana could be paper, because it reminds me of scores and Sibelius haha, our touring bassist Hannah could take Rock as she’s a black belt in karate. We held a competition on social media to name the new EP. We had loads of great suggestions and it was a really tough call. In the end we went with Rock Paper Scissors. Thinking of it now it was just the perfect match. It’s been pretty fun naming tracks like that too.

Kendra: Can we expect a new record from you guys this year?

Maha: Yes definitely, we are trying our best to get the album mixed at the moment so it’s ready to press before we go out on tour. It could go either way with if it will be ready by then, but we are definitely planning on finally doing a full length soon. I know Criminal have been in talks with labels too, so that might be the way going forward. We know a debut album is long overdue by this point though. It’s most likely going to be some time from October onwards.

Kendra: Revenge is heavy in “Bad Man,” so if you had to make a mixtape featuring the best revenge tracks, what five would have to be on it?

Maha: Haha ok.. here goes..
Points of Authority” – Linkin Park
True Friends” – Bring Me The Horizon
You Oughta Know” – Alanis Morissette
Everything About You” – Ugly Kid Joe
Bad Habit” – The Offspring


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