Darling Valley: Crooked Orchards

Is there anyone on earth who wakes up Monday morning and is like, “YES, finally – Monday!” Nah, there isn’t. Unless your weekends are sad places of boredom and you live to work and hate having free time. Anyways, another Monday morning has come and after freaking out over busted a busted washing machine that got the best of my thumbnail – I sat down with a band I had never heard of and listened to some music that surprisingly, was able to calm my nerves. Darling Valley is a folk rock quartet from Albany, New York – however, they sound like they could be playing throughout Nashville with the notes they delivered on Crooked Orchards. A mixture of melancholic lyrical content and upbeat ditties, this album is a must for those who love their indie rock with a folk twist.

Things started off cute with “Who You Hold On To.” So I assumed that’d be the rest of the record. Then I found serenity in the vocal delivery heard through the 90’s alternative laced rock of “Graces,” but then found myself going back time and time again to the words that constructed the foundation of “Make It Right.” As the middle child, I hate playing favorites (because when you’re the middle – you never win) but this one was it. Any millennial can attest to this line, “The present has a way of sneakin’ up, But I’m still a child behind these eyes.” While I adored the words Darling Valley wrote on this and “Written On My Bones,” I appreciated how they were able to balance those deeper sounding cuts with more lively songs like “Windows and Revolutionaries” and “You’ll Go Far Kid.” With that, you could imagine their shows being quite the roller coaster of emotions with just this one record being brought to the table.

Still a little upset Monday has come around yet again, I can sit a little more at ease thanks to Darling Valley’s folk infused rock that dabbles with an indie vibe. If you’re a fan of bands like Roanoke, make sure to check out this New York quartet and their latest, Crooked Orchards, out now.


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