GML: Unity

Guys, it could very well happen. Donald Trump could be the next president. The guy who can says the most heinous things. The guy who once had a reality show…a fucking reality show. What’s next, Kim Kardashian as the governor of California? Oh shit, we already did that with the Terminator. See? That alone is scary enough. Celebrities are great – yes, we all have the ones we love and the ones we hate but that doesn’t mean they get to go and run a damn country. A Waffle House, sure. A country, nah son. I actually had a nightmare a few days ago about him winning and when I woke up fear just swept over my body.

He claims he wants to “make America great again,” but when were we ever at our tip-top best? When settlers took the land from Native Americans? When the whole slavery thing happened? When women couldn’t vote? When the AIDS crisis was legit ignored by the president and his first lady? When not too long ago gay people had to fight to have the right to marry? We are a young country but you’d think our stupid teenage years would’ve been over by now. America is a great country in the fact that we’re pretty free. We’re not stoned to death over little things or anything like that, but at the same time – in my head, we’ve never been the greatest country on earth. Hell, where the fuck is that universal health care I hear so much about? From what Trump’s going on and on about – this dude is going to set us back to the infancy of this nation and shit, that was not a good time for people who looked like me, or my Latina mama.

I was a Bernie supporter and yeah, it sucks he didn’t get the nomination but does really, really…am I going to sit butt hurt about it and let that Trump guy win? Nah son. The RNC seemed full of fear and disses towards the Democratic party and while the DNC has had some shade thrown, they’ve also talked more about what they can actually do to improve things. Building a damn wall? Yeah, because all those terrorists have been hopping boarders…as well as all the cops washing their hands clean after shooting unarmed men, women and children.

Politics are never an easy topic to sit and talk about but this is my blog that’s what’s going on in my head this week, but now it’s time to get to the music. Jon Bellion is heading out this fall towards the end of October, as is Har Mar. Then there’s Neon Indian of which you can check out the dates on the poster below. After that make sure to check out this week’s video picks.


Black Crown Initiate “Selves We Cannot Forgive”

Oh Pep! “Bushwick”

Sophia Danai feat. Brevner “Bitter”

Elijah Ford & The Bloom “Try As You Might”

The Split Seconds “If I Was You”


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