The Therapeutic Ways of Basement Revolver’s Chrisy Hurn

Almost two weeks ago Basement Revolver took to their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario for their record release show. With the drop of their self-titled album came the celebration not only of music but their own Chrisy Hurn as it was also her birthday. Playing in what she dubs “Sweet Hammy,” Hurn promised lots of surprises that night for their local loves. In case you missed out on that show – they’ll be back in early August when they head out for another run through Ontario. Before they head out once more, Chrisy sat down to talk to Golden Mixtape about the importance of constructing words, her education and more…

Kendra: Your debut EP is out now, and we’ll talk more about that in a second. First, though I wanted to talk about your latest single “Words.” I loved what you noted about it, “…in the end, words are just words, they can be stringed together to form something powerful but without context.” As someone who works with words every day, this struck me but for you – when you went on to write the record, how did you push yourself to write songs that were more than just mere words?

Chrisy Hurn: I think that writing music to me has always felt different than writing other things, because more often than not it is a way for me to process my life or things going on in my head – such as an existential crisis. It comes easy a lot of the time because I just need to express it. Basically writing music and putting it out is like telling a therapist about all my problems and having them share it with all of my closest friends, as well as strangers.

Kendra: You also noted “a degree is just a degree” – which is something I agree with. With that, what did you get yours in and is it helping you at all post-college?

Chrisy: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double honours major in clinical psychology and art. I was planning on moving on to a master’s program in Art therapy, but I decided to stay in Hamilton with the people that I love instead. Which lead to working in a local coffee shop and making music! I am happy that I went to post-secondary because I learned a lot about myself, but I don’t really use it practically.

Kendra: Okay not back to the EP as a whole. We know where you were mentally penning “Words,” but what about the rest of the record – were you having these deep thoughts with every song?

Chrisy: Like I said, music has somewhat become my therapist – and I was going through a lot of personal changes when I wrote these songs. Basement Revolver came to me at a time where I was struggling with my current beliefs and values vs. the identity that I was raised with. In short, the songs on the EP became a way for me to process these changes, or experiences going on in my life at the time.

Kendra: You guys aren’t wasting any time getting out and promoting. You’ll be playing a bit before and for some time after the EP drops all around Ontario. Do you guys have any rituals for when you play a show that you guys have to do to ensure a good show in your minds?

Chrisy: A good rehearsal is usually pretty nice if we can fit one in, but I don’t think that we have much of a ritual. (I just try to boost my ego by telling myself that I am a lot cooler, tougher, stronger, and hotter than I actually am, that seems to work)!

Kendra: Will you be heading to the US for any shows later this year?

Chrisy: Only time can tell. I know we would all love to!

Kendra: Words may just be words without context, but if you had to make a mixtape of songs that actually have meaningful lyrics, what five songs would have to be on it?

Red Cow” – Mewithoutyou
Sweet Dreams” – Angel Olsen
Rattlesnakes” – Fog Lake
Oh My Friends” – Nap Eyes
Everything Changes” – We are the City


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