GML: #LoveForLeslieJ

First off, don’t trust a movie review – Ghostbusters was hilarious and really, the first live-action movie I’ve cared about this year. Which leads me to this – the hate that Leslie Jones has been dealing with via those damn internet trolls who live in the depths of Twitter. Why? Why attack this woman who did nothing but deliver a great performance in a movie, and who is one of the redeeming factors of the current SNL lineup? Jones has done nothing but prove that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true and that is one of the many reasons I am enamored by her. She’s the oldest member of the cast, and it seems like her career is just starting to pop off and that goes to show that it’s never too late to make it. I just want to find this woman and give her a hug. Hell, have you looked around the world right now? This is not the time for petty behavior like that. Those trolls need to do some growing up and get a life. Now let’s get to the music…

Dogbreth has a new album out on August 5, but are on tour right now through mid-August when they stop down in Oakland in the Bay Area. See Through Dresses will be kicking off their summer run on the 26th this month and won’t be done until the end of August. They’ll stop and start in Nebraska, ending at the Maha Music Festival where they’ll play alongside Passion Pit, Grimes and more. Nick Waterhouse starts touring come September for a month, and Allison Weiss also just announced a fall tour as well. You can check out her dates on the poster below and right after that, make sure to peep this week’s video picks!


Fingertips “Kiss Me”

Active Bird Community “Pick Me Apart

White Lung “Dead Weight

Rooney feat. Soko “Why

North Easton “Change


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