The Blondies Deliver Brit-Rock in the Bay

Not too long ago The Blondies left their home in the Bay Area of Northern California and headed to New York City. It was their own Simon Lunche’s first time as he and his boys headed east to play their record release show for their latest, Just Another Evening – which dropped in early June. Before leaving Simon hoped they’d have a chance to check out some of the places his favorites like Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan once played back in the day. Their release show has come and gone, but he’s assured us that they’ll be playing in their home state throughout September from as far south as San Diego, as well as several states come the fall. Now before all those shows get underway, we’ll talk to Simon about his British invasion sound, where he likes to craft his tunes and more.

Kendra: You often draw comparisons to British bands, but you’re over here stateside in the Bay area. Other than being fans of bands like Arctic Monkeys, where did that style come from for you personally?

Simon Lunche: Ever since I was little there would be British records playing in my house. Once you listen to something that much, you sort of unconsciously take on a bit of that style. It’s funny, people tell me all the time that they think my voice sounds British when I sing, but I don’t even recognize it.

Kendra: An overseas sound but a west coast heart. Where in the Bay do you find the most solace when you want to just get away and work on music?

Simon: Honestly, probably my living room. I’ve always needed to write in a space that’s really comfortable for me mentally, and right now that’s my living room. Also there’s a Steinway grand sitting right in the middle, which makes it a perfect spot to really dial into the music.

Kendra: Is that where you put in the most work on your latest, Just Another Evening?

Simon: Yeah, every day I’d sit right there at the piano or on the guitar and go at it for a few hours. That’s actually something you see in the “Just Another Evening” music video. There are a few scenes where I’m planted at the piano with my journal. Pretty much every song off of the new album was conceived at that piano.

Kendra: Your video for the title track is quite the attention-getter. Just when you think it’s a run of the mill high school party, it turns into an episode of Degrassi with the topic of sexual assault on the table. Always a concern, how do you hope this video aids in that discussion?

Simon: I hope it is a real wake-up call for young people and helps them think more about the culture surrounding them. It’s rare to see teens engage in this discussion and I thought it was super important for me to do so. Music allows for an emotional outlet in which to talk about this kind of stuff, which makes it all the more powerful.

Kendra: Let’s go full circle and explore that Brit-rock aspect once more. If you had to make a mixtape of your favorite British bands, what five songs would have to be on it?

Simon: Oh man, only five? That’s real hard. I could spit out 100 without getting past The Beatles! Let’s see…
Mr. Maker” – The Kooks
Golden Slumbers” – The Beatles
Piledriver Waltz” – Arctic Monkeys
You Won’t See Me” – The Beatles
Watching The Wheels” – John Lennon


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