Yeesh: Confirmation Bias

After a Saturday spent in the sun’s wretched rays for some six hours just to see one band play – my body has still not recovered. Yet, it’s more than a relief to be indoors with music that is not accompanied by blazing heat in anyway. Thank you Yeesh for being my living room companions this morning, but while I have enjoyed our AC’d time together, I can’t say that I was too big on the sounds they made on their upcoming Tiny Engines’ release Confirmation Bias. As if made for someone a lot cooler than me, perhaps someone who couch surfs in Brooklyn because they can’t be tied down by life’s demands of normalcy.

That’s said because there are some punk elements coming on strong in “Other Quandaries.” Where were started was pure rock music that fans of Quicksand would appreciate. How do I know? Because that was one of the many bands I stood through on Saturday as my back suffered natural third degree burns. Songs like “Xan Wagon” and “World Burning,” I wasn’t really feeling but the hint of melodic escape in “Limbo District” as well as the interesting arrangement of “Frontline,” made my ears perk. Save to say though the best were more symbolic to me. “One Weird Trick” reminded me of life; started off like an excited child and then transformed into a downtrodden adult at the end as the music slowed way down. Then there was the last song to come through, ‘Placeholder.” That was the first time the lyrics came through louder than the music at hand and spoke volumes to showcase what Yeesh was made of.

Bruised knees and heat still on my mind, I’m starting to think I’m too old to be trying to go to shows like I used to. My geriatric self aside, this album is like an underground rock record that has some grit to it that will play gracefully alongside the likes of Krill and Unwound. If you’re a fan of those bands, as well as Quicksand – make sure to check out Yeesh’s Confirmation Bias, out July 22, and let me know what you think of it!


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