Strange Relations: Going Out

The idea of going out is something I personally tackle with. I love staying home. I love sitting in my chair or on the couch with a Frasier marathon, or with my beloved laptop in hand. That’s heaven. On the other hand, once a month – I do like to exit. Once. A. Month. Every other day you can find me sitting in my living room writing about this and that, and today I’ll be inside the comfort of my familiar four walls with Strange Relations’ Going Out. See what I did there? Listening to this with TMZ on mute, I found myself liking the starting and finish line but not really caring about the race as a whole.

Fans of Warpaint and Now, Now would likely disagree with me as the diversity in sound heard throughout the four tracks would please them. I on the other hand fell instantly for the opening track “Drift” thanks to the manic pace that mirrored a nervous heartbeat. Plus, how could one not fall for the energy of the closer, “Weeknites,” when it quotes Heathers? Those two had vigor and were animated. Then you had “Ceremonies” and “Predation” that were more The Craft than Heathers in that they had this clandestine feel to them both that didn’t quite have the tenacity of the other two. This is just personal preference though – as is all opinions on every facet of life, right?

Going out is not something I like to do on the regular, but Going Out by Strange Relations is something I’d likely listen to once more as the beginning and the end perked me up this morning. If you’re a fan of Blonde Redhead and Electrelane, then make sure to get Going Out, out now on Tiny Engines.


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