#FBF: The Soundtrack of All Soundtracks

First and foremost, Disney soundtracks to their classics are some of the best BUT personally, if I could only live with one from a movie – it’d be Josie and the Pussycats. Hands down, this will always be one of my favorite albums to listen to and yes, it’s not perfect because I don’t care for the boy band additions but anything by Rachael Leigh Cook and Co. was golden. In reality though, she didn’t actually sing these great songs. Oh no, that was all Kay Hanley. I’ve yet to listen to anything from her days in Letters to Cleo, but that’s because since 8th grade, I’ve been falling more and more in love with this soundtrack.

My bestie got it for me for my 14th birthday and it’s a monumental memory because that was also the day the honor students got shipped off to science camp for a few days. It was horrible. They took away my hair gel – which was criminal at the time because I was clueless as to how to rock my curls back then without the aid of product. Plus, they made us drink…water? Today it’s all I drink but as a fat kid in middle school, all I wanted was a giant cup of Kool-Aid. Thankfully I had that soundtrack and a cool ass CD player to listen to it when we had down time – which was rare. So I really dived into it when we finally said adios to the few days in hell.

When people think of women in rock – they often go to the obvious; Gwen Stefani and Hayley Williams. For me, the first woman I ever admired with a guitar that was more than singer-songwriter, was the woman behind these songs. Yes, they were rock songs laced in a vat of pop – but I loved every second. Plus, I’d say that compared to some of the pop punk bands to come in and out of my life since then – the music on this soundtrack was harder – and they were mostly talking about love and shit. I still wonder why Babyface didn’t go on to produce more rock albums because really, he did a fantastic job with this record.

My love for this album also goes hand in hand with my adoration for the movie itself. Big into conspiracy theories, I quickly fell for this movie. Plus, Rachael Leigh Cook is one of my favorite gems of the 90’s and early 00’s. On some real, I got to meet her once and had to warn her that I was going to fangirl her so hard. Hey! She was Josie. She was Mary Anne from the Baby-Sitters Club. She’s fucking Laney Boggs. She’s an icon in my eyes. So that mixed with the message of the movie, love, love, LOVE.

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