Bad Seed Rising’s Francheska Pastor on Warped Voices

Representation matters. It’s something I’m not too sure will ever not be an issue in the media, but for me – it’s insanely important. Going to shows, you didn’t really see too many women on the stage at Warped Tour. One here and there, of course Paramore was a staple but alas – I didn’t see too many so when it came time to pick and plan who to focus on this month, I had to showcase the women who are owning Warped this summer and we’re starting it off with Bad Seed Rising’s own Francheska Pastor.

A rock band from the east coast with four years under their belts, Bad Seed Rising have been on Warped since late June and will be doing their thing until the end of this month. After that, well Francheska will let you know what they have up after their summer run, as well as sexual harassment on the road, their sound and more.

Kendra: Being a band for about four years now. What’s your number one advice to bands just starting out who are struggling to keep things together?

Francheska Pastor: I think the key to keeping the things together is professionalism. It’s great to be best friends with everyone in your band, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Even though we are all great friends, we all have our fallouts with each other every now and then. Sometimes we do get childish, but we all know when to step back and let things breathe. Even if we don’t agree with something, we understand how to compromise. I think when bands have a hard time keeping things together, it’s because they lack the understanding of staying professional. Whether it comes to band relationships, the way you act, the way you communicate with other bands/promoters/labels, it all comes down professionalism. Because overall, being in a band is a job. There are deals being made, and there is work to be done. You need to make sure everyone in your band understands that concept. If someone doesn’t understand that concept, then maybe they’re not cut out for this job.

Kendra: People are loving “A Place Called Home,” but what’s one thing about home you’re going to miss this summer while out on Warped?

Francheska: My loved ones, my comfort space. It sucks not having that comfort space not available to you when you really need it. Or sometimes you simply just crave the smell of that place, or the way it makes you feel.

Kendra: You’ve got a heavier sound than most and your influences showcase that as well from Volumes to The Used, who just played some anniversary shows. Did you guys get to hit any of those up?

Francheska: Oh, I don’t think our sound is that heavy. I wish it was. I know we’re trying to get more heavy with out next record. But we haven’t really gone to any concerts as of late. The last one we went to was Issues, and Tyler invited me up on stage, it was cool.

Kendra: Speaking of influences, who were some women in rock that you looked up to?

Francheska: I’ve always looked up to Hayley Williams when I was growing up. She was just so cool, and her style was very different. She just always seemed comfortable doing her own thing. I just wanted to be something like her, and her voice is so effortlessly powerful and beautiful.

Kendra: Another strong female in this scene in Juliet Simms who did the band thing, but then got pretty far on The Voice. Ever think that’ll be something you’ll venture on to doing?

Francheska: I don’t even know who that is. (Sorry if you ever read this, Juliet.) And are you asking if I would ever try The Voice or go solo? I don’t watch The Voice, and I’ve always saw it something so inorganic. So no to The Voice. and the solo thing? I’ve always wanted to try things with other people, but I would never make that a higher priority than my band.

Kendra: On a serious note, sexual harassment at shows and Warped have been a growing problem. Is that something you’re personally concerned with as you prepare to head out there?

Francheska: I’m not too concerned with myself. God forbid something bad happens to me or anyone on tour like that. I’ve already had my fair share with sexual harassment, so if someone tries to cross me I know that I have the power to speak up or fight back. I know for sure that if something like that happens and I see it happen to anyone else, I will speak up about it. I don’t take sexual assault lightly.

Kendra: On a lighter note, what’s up with you guys once your run on Warped is over?

Francheska: After Warped, we jump right on tour with I Prevail!

Kendra: In 10 years time, what do you hoped to have accomplished in Bad Seed Rising?

Francheska: I dunno, man! The possibilities are endless! Maybe like a headlining tour? I don’t really know. I just know that I wanna be doing this for the rest of my life with these boys, so hopefully we’ll be making money to support ourselves with this job.

Kendra: The sun is out, the weather is warm, it’s summer and the best thing about that is lazy days. So if you had to make a mixtape for a lazy day afternoon, what fives songs would have to be on it?

Francheska: If I had to choose five songs for the summer, it would have to be:
Shoegaze” – Alabama Shakes. This song is perfect for summer drives through country fields and shit.
Reflection” – Balance and Composure. Also good for driving
Fingerprints” – Hiatus Kaiyote
The Great Escape” – Boys like Girls. Old song and people might think it’s lame that I added this, but I love listening to this cause no matter who I’m with, they’re gonna sing along to it at the top of their lungs. It’s just a good song to listen to when you’re making good memories.
Riptide” – Vance Joy. Also a good one.


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