Talking the Return of Sherwood with Dan Koch

Sherwood_Some Things Never Leave You 3000x3000
In a little over a week Sherwood will embark on a week long tour that starts up at one of Southern California’s best, Chain Reaction. Once the kings of MySpace, the band said farewell to the scene back in 2012 and a few years later decided to give it another go. After almost a year of working on new music, they’re ready to get out there and share with a new tour and according to their guitarist Dan Koch, they’ll see you in the fall if you show them enough support this summer. So as Captain Planet says, “The power is yours!” And when you head out, make sure to get there early to see their opener Fialta, which features two of the men of Sherwood – who’ll we’ll be chatting with next week. Now on to more from Koch about the upcoming stint and more.

Kendra: It’s been a minute since you guys put out some music. What changes in your scene have you noticed, and did you take those into consideration when it came time to write and record Some Things Never Leave You?

Dan Koch: We have no idea what is happening in the scene that Sherwood was a part of! Personally, I still listen to a handful of bands from those years, who I think are still making great music. Motion City Soundtrack is the first one that comes to mind. Other than that, I am completely clueless what teenagers and 20-somethings at Warped Tour are listening to today.

Kendra: Really quick, what’s something in your own life that could leave right now and you’d be 100% okay with it?

Dan: I have tried to pare down all the things in my life as much as possible, so I hope that there is nothing still in it that is dispensable! But to answer it: I probably am afraid to lose my iPhone, but would be much happier if I did.

Kendra: On another blog I do, I’m writing about different aspects of friendship and it made me think of you guys. Have you ever noticed that when a band sort of takes a step back from releasing new music and touring, they’re other band friends sort of disappear?

Dan: Well that is hard for me to answer, because we all moved to different states as Sherwood was ending. So, I still have the good friends that I made while in the band, but most of the lost friendships are due to distance more than anything.

Kendra: With them you’ll be out for a week-long stretch that takes you from Chain Reaction up to Seattle. What do you guys have planned that week for fans when you hit the stage?

Dan: Mostly playing songs from the old albums, just a couple new ones. Really excited to reconnect with those who have supported us, and see where they are at in their own lives five years later.

Kendra: Back in the day you were on MySpace Records and while the site is a little less than popular these days, I’d love if you could make us a throwback mixtape to MySpace with your top five songs.

Dan: I’ll just do five songs from that era that I still love….
LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends
Modest Mouse – “Dashboard
Arcade Fire – “Keep the Car Running
The Shins – “Phantom Limb
Panda Bear – “Bros


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