#FBF: Good Charlotte’s First

The television memories are done for now as we enter a new month and with that, a new topic – albums. July will feature the albums that I could listen to nonstop for the rest of my life and be 100%. Is that what that “100” emoji means? My emojiless life aside, Good Charlotte’s self-titled record had to be first because other than Backstreet Boys’ Millennium and Mariah Carey’s Rainbow, this was the first album I loved from to back – but it was different than those pop records because the words actually spoke to my junior high mentality.

What did I know about romantical love and whatnot that BSB and Mariah were belting ballads about? Nothing. What I did know at that age was daddy issues and being a poor kid. Hello, how was I not supposed to fall in absolute love with this album? And I’m glad to say that to this day, I’m still head over heels in love with every word. Wish I could say the same about the band…Kind of rude they don’t toss more of this into the mix. Hey GC! No one cares about Cardiology!

Back to the self-titled..I was in middle school. This is the age where you’re most likely to fall for anything that remotely mirrors your current existence because you’re extremely impressionable. You have more of a grasp in high school, but you’re even more angsty. So not having reached my “The Used gets ME” phase yet, I was all about Good Charlotte and it was all due to this album. Hell, even today I sing with passion, “All I wanna do is kick the welfare. All I wanna do is get my share.” While I’ve matured in many ways, and now look like an adult – I am sadly not far from my 14-year-old self in some cases.

Not originally on it, but later added in re-releases – “The Click” is by far the best Good Charlotte song that ever was. No, I do not own the CD that houses it because I am that cool and have the old ass version of the record BUT I do listen to it from time to time thanks to YouTube and just smile and sing it like I’m watching Undergrads late at night and finding myself in every line. Because even today, I’m not into being around a lot of people. Those social butterflies who flutter from circle to circle and have a Facebook flooded with people they actually hang out with and don’t just scroll past on a daily basis – those people are not my kind of people. They weren’t when I was growing up and they aren’t now. One of my friends from back in the day once said something along the lines of…I’d rather have a few friends because that’s less people who can let you down.

To this day, I agree 100%. You can go out all the time and have a great time and that’s awesome for you, but that’s just not me. I truly only like to hang out with like five people, really – because most of the time, I’m content with sitting on the couch with the glow of my laptop comforting me. That may sound weird to you, but for me – that’s the life. Trust, it takes all I have in me to go out – even more to actually converse. I have been and will always likely be a homebody who likes to exit her home once a week just so she doesn’t forget what human interaction is like.


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