Penny for the Workhouse: Sneaky Peekers

Getting away from 99% of the internet for a couple of days is always refreshing. I advise everyone to do it at least once a month. Which I get is hard because you have a little device in your hand at all times that can Snap, Gram and Book all the time – but alas, when you have to come back down to reality, it’s always nice to have some music waiting for you. Today Penny for the Workhouse is it and it was quite the…well, um, interesting listen. One part folk, another two rock and a bit of a fairytale – Sneaky Peekers was a zany one. That’s for sure.

With a sort of gypsy element to the music, “Kilburn High Road” and “Old” served that up and gave you the sense of being free. There was a sonic escape formed by these folk meets rock songs that presented an old world feel. What caught me off guard though was the Jack and the Beanstalk tale in “Giant Slayer.” It opened the record and for a second I thought this was just going to be a book on tape of sorts. It wasn’t. Instead Penny for Workhouse dished out some quirky beats while switching things up with “Willow Tree” in the lead vocal department, and really rocking it out in “Smoker At The Window.”

Perhaps today can be the day you say adios to the internet for awhile and in its place, take this album. Of course first you’ll have to use the web to acquire it, but then – definitely then, make sure to take a break from the Snaps, Grams and Books and just let yourself fall into the music that comes from Penny for the Workhouse and their latest, Sneaky Peekers, out now.


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