#FBF: The Last Season of Idol that Mattered

No offense to Kris Allen and the rest of season eight of American Idol, but season seven was the best season to have ever existed. Am I bias? 100%. I’d watched every season like it was my job since the beginning. That summer it came out I was in a college prep program and as antisocial as I am today, but I’d sit in the back of the commons room to watch American Idol that first season. Kelly Clarkson is obviously still the best, and I’ll admit – I was cheering on Daughtry when he still had a first name, but it wasn’t until that seventh season that I went from weekly watcher to absolutely obsessed viewer.

Jason Castro. All he had to do was sing that damn “Hallelujah” and I was hooked. Luckily I had a friend rooting for David Cook, and even luckier – we managed to go to the tapings every damn week. Note, I missed one thanks to a stupid ass class presentation I couldn’t get out of. So yes, every week we managed to go to either the dress rehearsal, the live show or the results show. Perhaps being there live every week made our love of these guys and gals even more? Whatever the reason, we even were those crazy people who went to the damn Idol tour that summer. How Midwest of us….

Again, Castro was it for me. I made a shirt I wore every week. Signs were glittered. Lines were stood in and we even entered some weird contest at an AT&T store for tickets (and won). Those few months were some of the most memorable of my time in college and some of my most cherished. Class? Yeah, I’m not too sure what the hell I even took that semester, but Idol? I can likely tell you what they sang each week if you tell me the theme. Why though? Partly because I was obsessed Castro, and because at the end of the day – Idol has that “dreams can come true” element to it.

Yeah, I couldn’t find it in me to care as much the next season, and completely quit after that – but watching that last finale, it brought back so many memories of watching that show from high school throughout college, and watching those people go from their normal day-to-day lives to being on TV on a weekly basis, going after their dreams. You have to love stories like that. Hell, even today I’ll get weepy as fuck over similar tales I come across. Also, the contestants on season seven were just above and beyond for me. Castro obviously my personal favorite, but Brooke White was perfection, Cook’s voice was OMFG, David Archuleta was a real life Precious Moment character and so forth and so on; all great. Even their worst was better than some of the other season’s “good ones.” Idol, we had some good times, didn’t we? Plus, unlike all of my other favorite music-tv-related FBFs, this is one I was actually a part of.

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