GML: Demi’s Stand

There was a time where I could not stand Demi Lovato. I thought she was the most annoying child star out there. Then she grew up and I flipped. I started to find her little BFF Selena Gomez a pest, and her to be a goddess. I love women who embrace who they are and actually can sing. Not whisper into a mic like an over dramatic porn star, or whatever it is Gomez does in her music. Then Lovato had to go and do something stupid this week – she supposedly was going to give up social media after a bit of a backlash over some comments she made about Mariah Carey. Which on one hand, I get it. You don’t want to open your shit and see a sea of haters. On the other hand, she lasted only a day and that made me do nothing but laugh.  We’re a society that is bound to our social media and the only way we’d ever get rid of it, is never to start. Sadly, most of us are hooked on at least one. For me, it’s Tumblr. I love that no one is really there and you don’t have a cascade of Jesus posts curing this, quick quips about that and so forth and so on.

Anyways, back to Demi. I wish she could’ve at least lasted a month – that would’ve proven some sort of point. You know what though? I think she could’ve done it, and it was her team that made her get back on. I mean, she has a summer tour with Nick Jonas coming up. There is NO way her people were going to let her be socially silent during that time. So where do I stand on Demi today? She still better than most who’d be considered her peers, but man – if you’re going to take a stand, stand tall girl.

Now let’s talk about some other tweetable tours coming up. The Spill Canvas are heading on on their Requestor in September for about a month starting in Colorado and ending in Iowa. Then there’s AJR who’ll be on the road with Ingrid Michaelson for a couple of months this fall. Last but certainly not least, Ra Ra Riot is on tour this fall with Young The Giant. You can check out those dates, as well as this week’s video picks below!


Blackmore “72”

Astari Nite “Joyful Wish”

Getter feat. Oliver Tree “Forget It”

Gryffin feat. Josef Salvat “Heading Home”

Heirsound “Hoods Up”


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