Niles Rooker Trio Won’t Sleep On 2016

Only a couple of years ago the idea of leaving California was insane. Getting on a plane and traveling? NOPE. Now it’s all I want to do and if I could afford to do so all the time, that’s what I’d do and one of my next trips to be where Niles Rooker Trio call home; Nashville. Mainly because of the BBQ, but it’d also be interesting to see his musical mecca of sorts. While the guys of this band didn’t talk about the decadent food options out there, they did dish about their latest single, how they stand out and more – so keep on keeping on.

Kendra: All of us have defining moments that made us want to do the things we do, be it writing or making music, but thinking back can you pinpoint the second you knew you had the talent to give being a musician a chance?

Niles: Probably when I played an open mic night when I was 13, and people really enjoyed. At least I think they did.

Kendra: Your single, “I Won’t Sleep,” has an underlying rebellious nature. Made me think to ask about who you were growing up. Were you a little defiant as a kid?

Niles: Yeah let’s just say back then I was less inclined to follow the rules.

Kendra: Back to the music. With so many people in Nashville trying to make it, what do you guys do to stand out?

Jeff: We try to produce catchy hooks in our songs, but it’s really about the energy we perform with live that makes us stand out.

Kendra: Speaking of Nashville, a television show shares the same name and then there’s also Empire that deals with the hip hop realm. If they were to make a show about the blues rock scene, what sort of drama would we tune in to?

Niles: Well it wouldn’t stray too far from the country scene; a lot of drinking, a lot of partying, and a lot of girls. Probably with more partying though haha. The blues part of the scene is because women will make you feel a lot of different ways…

Kendra: With bands like Alabama Shakes and Kings of Leon being all uber successful with a similar style to what you all put out, do you guys have Grammys in mind at all?

Jeff: We just focus on creating good songs, having fun, and creating honest music that people can move to. If it ever comes to that point, then we would feel incredibly blessed.

Kendra: Musically speaking, what’s up with you three for the rest of the year?

Niles: We are going a couple short runs in July. After that the focus is on self-producing our self-titled album.

Kendra: Now, if you had the task of making a mixtape of only trios, which five artists and songs would be on it?

Niles Rooker Trio:
The Police – “Next to You
Benjamin Booker – “Chippewa
John Mayer Trio – “Who Did You Think I Was
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Cold Wind
Band of Gypsys – “Who Knows


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